Stephen White

Stephen White


Dowry is the solo project of multi-instrumentalist and composer Éna Brennan. Since moving to Dublin from Brussels nearly 10 years ago she has obtained an MPhil in Composition from Trinity College Dublin and collaborated with a vast array of artists, be it as a composer, arranger or violinist, weaving in between many of the layers of the Irish music scene. She already has a long list of notable gigs to her name including performances at Other Voices, 12 Points Festival and Sounds From A Safe Harbour. Her show All Things Strings airs monthly on Dublin Digital Radio and she runs an ensemble called Dowry Strings. Recent projects include a sold-out tour with Bell X1 around Ireland and upcoming projects include following up her experimental debut release In É.

19.02.18 Debut release
ISRC # GBLFP1805026

This single was recorded in one take with Stephen Dunne in Lamplight Studios. It is representative of the way I would begin Dowry sets when I was first starting out; with an improvised violin piece. Over the course of the last year, the more I have repeated this opening improvisation, laying down certain rules and structure with each performance, the more the improvisation has become an actual piece. It begins with a drone on the note E, and builds from there, dipping into the major and minor, and growing into a cacophony of sound. The song drifts between sound worlds, most notably that of Irish traditional music and minimalist contemporary classical music.


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