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Killian Broderick



Review: Another Love Story 2019

"It’s her third time playing ALS and all in different rooms, the violinist growing as the festival itself grows. She was the highlight of the weekend for me ... Dowry is a special talent and this was a very special gig. ALS talking about a golden era of Irish music – Dowry is one of the shining stars." – Eoghan O'Sullivan, The Point Of Everything Read full article

Review: It Takes A Village 2019

"Violin confidently balanced on one shoulder, bow in hand, synth board under another, and feet on pedals, it’s easy to see why Dowry is one of the most talked about acts on the live scene in Ireland." – GoldenPlec Read full article

Plec Picks 2019

“Éna Brennan is a creative powerhouse. Multi-instrumentalist, composer, arranger, songwriter, vocalist, radio presenter, and designer, Éna has established herself as a fixture on the Irish music scene since relocating from Brussels a decade ago.” – Aoife Burke Read full article

TLMT’s 10 Emerging Artists 2019

‘In É’ debuted Dowry as a musician with a firm grasp on creating mood, atmosphere and depth in her music. Delivering music as cinematic and emotive as this, what Dowry does in 2019 will be very interesting indeed. Read full article

Hot For 2019 Irish Acts: Dowry

“Éna Brennan created one of the most arresting songs of 2018 in ‘In É’. And she’s only getting started.” – Edwin McFee Read full article

TLMT’s Top 50 Songs of 2018

"A beautifully layered soundscape of lush strings, ‘In É’ makes for an instantly enchanting listen due to the evocative musical world created by Dowry." Read full article

Nialler9's 50 best new Irish acts of 2018

"The multi-instrumentalist has become known for her stunning live shows accompanied only by a violin and a looper pedal". – Nialler9 Read full article

The Irish Times: This Album Changed My Life

Éna Brennan aka Dowry on a reworking of Sufjan Stevens’s 2001 album ‘Enjoy Your Rabbit’ Read full article

Review: Other Voices Dingle

"like nothing you’ve never heard before, art created out of tradition that is simultaneously offbeat and breathtaking." – Tony Clayton-Lea Read full article

District Magaine: The changing face of radio

A conversation with Red Light Radio & ddr.

"A classical violinist by trade, Éna’s show, All Things String, does exactly what it says on the tin, playing only music which features string instruments. Some pieces are, as you might expect, more classical, or traditional-Irish in genre, but others are more contemporary." Read full article

Totally Dublin Feature

"One of the most talked about acts in the Irish live scene, Éna Brennan's Dowry has been slowly percolating and garnering devotees for a few years now. With the aid of her trusted fiddle, Brennan has been routinely fleshing out the sounds of some of the country's most engaging emerging acts." – Danny Wilson Read full article

Review: Quiet Lights Festival

"Her set sees Dowry prove herself as adept a singer of atmospheric acoustic guitar-led ballads as she is a composer of minimalist pieces." – Don O'Mahony Read full article

Imagining Ireland ★★★★

Project role: Arranger & Performer

"A versatile house band, the Crash Ensemble String Quartet, provided consistently unexpected counterpoints along the way." The Guardian, Colin Irwin Read full article

Overblown’s Favourite Female Irish Musicians

"Dowry, aka Éna Brennan, is a fundamental experimentalist. A master of the violin, arrangement, composition and songwriting, her music swims and swirls like a whirlpool. Drenched in ideas, her music is challenging but, ultimately, inviting. This is 4 am music. It is close your eyes and contemplate all the failures and successes of your life music. It is vital. It is essential." – Jamie Coughlan Read full article

Explorations in É

"In É unfolds with measured purpose, the instrumental track building gently in tension as it moves from a drone base through subtle orchestral counterpoints towards its dramatic, understated conclusion." – Justin McDaid Read full article

Premiere: Nialler9

“Dowry releases stirring debut single In É” Read full article

State Magazine's Faces of 2018

Read full interview

The Thin Air's 18 for '18

"The music is born from improvisation, drawing inspiration from thoughts or observations when they occur and realised with violin, guitars, voice and loop pedal. It’s a wholly personal, yet immersive combination. You can feel it within the droning depths and folds of Dowry’s current string-heavy improv demos, as the strands of Brennan’s compositions gradually coalesce." – Justin McDaid Read full article

Piano and coffee co. Recommendations

“In É is an absolutely glorious track – a long, downward hill, picking up pace in what seems like an infinity, building into a whirlwind of sound and intrigue.“ – Amanda Nordqvist Read full article

Review: Trinity Arts Festival

“The final act consisted of the exquisite Éna Brennan, also known as Dowry. The multi-talented one-woman band combined guitar, violin and voice. She wound the night down with her haunting layering of vocals over strings.” – Ciara Haley Read full article

Review: Quater Block Party

“Éna's opening improv on the violin was calculated to make pianists jealous, all dynamic curves and notes bending into other notes.” – Dylan Coburn Gray Read full article



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RTÉ Radio 1 Arena with Kay Sheehy (28.08.18) Singer/songwriter Dowry (aka Éna Brennan) in session




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