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brand, print and video work for Fluxfest run by Kirkos Ensemble

Saturday 15th October 2016
Temple Bar Gallery and Studios

Fluxfest is an evening examining fluxus and its legacy, and unleashing a new tide of Irish Fluxus disciples. Fluxfest is in the anti-art spirit of the originals, continuing the Kirkos tradition of exploring territory others do not dare to tread, creating an evening that will provoke deep thought about modern art and turn your concert expectations on their head. Fluxfest is a Happening… and more.

All elements of the Fluxfest brand were handmade.

Any text used has been typed out on a typewriter and photographed.
Not one digital font has been used in any Fluxfest artwork. 
The logo exists in many forms, and each rendition is a unique take on the word fluxfest, affected by glitches and mistakes using an old typewriter.

I would like to thank the kind and trusting man working at Rathgar’s MacDonald Cycles for lending me his photogenic hammer.

Poster Concept

Inspired by the iconic fluxus piece Magic Trick #2
by Mr. Ken Friedman:

Walk on stage with a sledge hammer, an egg and a small tape recorder. Place the egg on one side of the stage. Place the tape recorder on the opposite side of the stage. Turn the recorder on in the playback mode.Walk back to the egg. Pick up the hammer. Raise it high. Wait 30 seconds and smash the egg. Stand and wait. After 15 seconds, the tape recorder plays the noise of a chicken.

Promo Video


Fluxus pieces

The Fluxkit

Everyone received a handmade box containing all things flux upon their entrance into the building. Most of the items inside were typed up by yours truly on the typewriter on a various assortment of paper. As part of the kit I designed a unique name card for each person involved in the event.

You can see them all below...

event photos

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