Design Project for the Irish Composers Collective.


Smock Alley Theatre plays host to four evenings of the aural and the visual, brought together. From March to July, InSight showcases 20 new musical works presented with visual interpretations, including dance, animation, projection, and simply the physical body in space. Brought to you by the Irish Composers' CollectiveTonnta Music and Smock Alley Theatre.

Concept: The event is made up of four concerts, each treating contrasting relationships between the aural and visual. The logo plays on the idea of perception and framing, taking the series title and aligning it around and within four boxes. Each concert is associated with a particular texture and feel:

Screen Shot 2016-02-02 at 12.11.35 p.m..png

Adrian Mantu & Mihai Cucu – vibrancy and energy
yellow pallet  

Tonnta – detail, rejuvination
recycled materials paired with mint greens and teals

Slipdraft – light, transformation
the transformation of eroded copper from reflective orange to rugged green

Taquin Experiments – intensity, movement
striking pink and transparent materials
the constant movement of smoke