I have worked with Web Summit on its main annual event as well as satellite events around the world since 2013.

"The best technology conference on the planet”, Web Summit brings Fortune 500 companies, groundbreaking startups and world-class speakers to Lisbon.

Contract Designer 
Oct – Dec 2015 | Oct – Dec 2016 | Sep – Nov 2017 | Sep – Nov 2018

Sep – Nov 2013 | Jan – Dec 2014

Staff photo 2017

Staff photo 2017

Key Responsibilities:
Content, project and brand management
Installation and direct work with print suppliers
Peripheral event branding and logo design
Design of marketing, sponsorship and web materials
Design & management of startup collateral (up to 2000 startups exhibit every year)

list of conferences I have worked on

Las Vegas

Dublin & New York

web summit
Dublin & Lisbon


Design of main stage motion graphic with Keelin Coyle
featuring music by Alarmist

overview of print work by Select Digital in Dublin