I found your heart lingering around her
Trying to confound her
But she is gone from your life
And you must move on
She was not good for your life
Can't you see that now she's gone

I know it's hard trying to let go
Make sure you move slow
Turn your face from the dark
Place that you used to know
You will regain your spark
One you thought you'd lost long ago

I'm just following my instinct
So you don't have to
Go through this alone

You're happiness means something
To my little heart
How does it not show

You didn't even see her
for who she truly is
You will see you're too good for her

I am I am worrying about you
As I adore you
You are all that I've got
I need you
And I will stay on this spot
'Till you think you need me too

Ena BrennanComment