the nameless

He woke up to see that you were gone, well that was fun, drank all the rum but you forgot your
shirt it's lying on the bed as if you lost your head, to keep him fed a poor excuse to
get back in touch with him, give him a ring, collect your things, pursue the fling and reel him in but first let's just try to remember your name.

Did Rumpelstiltskin ever get to you, when we were through, to join the coop and make sure that
he never found you, to ask you why you left us all before the dawn ran through the lawn
never to be seen again, oh what a shame, are we to blame, blew out the flame before we had a
chance to get to know you, what was your name.

Will anybody ever hunt you down, make sure you're found, back to the pound so we can all
get on with our lives, back to square one, resume the fun, buy lots more rum as we have
nothing better to do, let down our hair, refuse to care, go on the tear and party like
it was the night before, forget our names.  

I never thought of you as crazy
as I didn't want you to be

Ena BrennanComment