Luke fell for you as he tripped over that broken part stolen bicycle
Scratched and scraped both in and out of the bed on a Saturday afternoon
Picking crumbs off of your form-fitting top ten playlists on shuffle for the day
Passing the time, feeling his gaze on the back of your neck, ready to go out for brunch again

Blue Peter badge pinned proudly to the lapel of your well todo man
Why wouldn't you try to catch him if you can
You fell for him after he tripped over the final hurdle on that
List of things you felt you should only say yes to

Your heart is always jumping out of your chest but you always end up back in his nest

All we are to each other are scars
Reminders of those who made the world less noisy
If only for an instant

A part of your heart is always with them and a part of theirs is with you too

Ena BrennanComment